The Best SportsPress Integrations and Extensions

If you’ve been using SportsPress for awhile, you know how useful it is for sports websites and the number of features it has. Managing multiple teams, customizing team pages, publishing stats, displaying match and tournament scores are just some of its features that make running and managing a team website easy. But, there are a few other plugins that can help you get even more out of your website that integrate nicely with SportsPress.

Best SportsPress Integrations and Extensions

In today’s post, we decided to round all of those plugins in one place so you have an easy time finding them and adding extra functionality to your website.


BuddyPress allows you to easily create a social networking website using WordPress. This plugin makes it easy to display rich user profiles for registered members on your site and is often used together with membership plugins. Thanks to the integration with SportsPress, you can combine SportsPress player profiles with BuddyPress profiles and allow your team members to add as many or as little details about themselves.

What’s more, your team members can send each other messages and share status updates and you can also allow your fans to register for a profile and engage with them on a regular basis. If you want to build a better relationship with your team’s supporters, adding BuddyPress to your site is the way to go.


If you’ve ever wondered how to sell team merchandise without using a third-party platform, then WooCommerce is the plugin for you. You can easily sell both digital and physical products and collect payments through a variety of payment processors. You can sell team t-shirts, hats, scarfs or even tickets for your upcoming matches and anything else that you can think of.

When you pair WooCommerce with SportsPress, you can add a new section for team merchandise to every team you manage on your website. Products can also be filtered by teams and you can display the shop either in the main profile section or within a tab.


As a team manager, you have a lot on your plate. Keeping track of your team members and their dues can quickly get out of hand, especially if you manage more than one team. Thankfully, SportsPress has an integration that can make your life as a team manager a lot easier.

WordPay is a powerful membership plugin for WordPress that allows you to create different membership levels and collect membership dues from your team members. You can set the payments on a one-time or a recurring basis and accept payments via Stripe, PayPal, Express Checkout, and Payments Pro. The best part is that you can set up the extension to automatically send reminders for upcoming dues so you never have to worry about missed payments.

Yoast SEO

SEO may seem like a big mystery but it’s not as difficult as it seems once you know the basics. If you’ve been a fan of WordPress, you probably know that the most popular SEO plugin is Yoast SEO. Thanks to the integration with SportsPress, you can improve the SEO settings for your team pages, matches, and more.

With Yoast SEO extension, you can use advanced variables to generate search engine friendly page titles for your SportsPress pages based on your custom rules. You can also choose to include certain match details like team name, date, time, and the competition each event belongs to in match page titles. In short, Yoast SEO will ensure that your team website ranks better in search engines so do your site a favor and install it now.

Event Tickets for SportsPress

Ever wanted to sell tickets for your matches directly on your site? Well, now you can. This extension makes it easy for visitors to RSVP to your events and you can use it together with WooCommerce to easily sell tickets. Thanks to the RSVP feature, you’ll instantly know how many visitors you can expect which makes it easier to book an appropriate venue for your match. You or your team manager can then quickly check them in when the event begins.

Facebook Extension

If you want to encourage visitors to follow your Facebook page and keep up with team updates, use the Facebook extension for SportsPress. You can display Facebook pages for all your teams, show most recent posts and events created on Facebook as well as allow fans to message your page directly.

Twitter Extension

If you prefer Twitter, then you won’t want to miss this extension. Use it to display your Twitter feed and control how many tweets should display and where on the page they should appear. You can display tweets from each user or choose to focus only on the main team account.

Live Scores for SportsPress

Once you schedule a match on your SportsPress website, it’s easy to go back and update the scores to display them as an interactive timeline. However, if you’re in the habit of streaming the event live on your site, you can delight your visitors even more with the help of Live Scores for SportsPress extension.

Using this extension, you can display scores in real time as the match is happening and even add your own written commentary directly to your site.

League Table Importer for SportsPress

For those of you who are new to SportsPress, you’ll be able to make use of the League Table Importer extension to seamlessly migrate your data. This helpful extension allows you to upload your league tables as a CSV or an XML file.

You can select an existing league table to update the imported teams with the existing teams or the team will be created automatically if selected. There are also a few configuration options for each column so you have complete control over the information that will be imported.

SportsPress for Baseball

While SportsPress can be used for any type of sport, there are a few useful extensions for certain sports that add specific functionality to the plugin. With the Baseball extension, your events will be renamed Games and give you access to features such as the ability to add own goal reporting, baseball branding, pitching and batting stats, and more.

SportsPress for Cricket

Similarly to the plugin above, this extension adds cricket specific features. You’ll gain access to cricket tools such as separate batting and bowling statistics, a row to display extras, and players who did not bat.

SportsPress for Golf

If you’re building a website for your golf team, this extension will come in handy. It includes golf features such as scorecards, courses, holes per round, par per hole, handicap adjustments, leaderboards, and individual profiles for players.

SportsPress for Soccer

Soccer teams will enjoy our soccer extension that adds soccer admin branding and own goals reporting as well as fixtures, results, football field information, and individual player profiles.

SportsPress for Basketball

Our last extension is perfect for basketball teams and includes features that will help you display fixtures and results, add information about your basketball field, display starting lineup and benched players, and more.

Add More Features to Your SportsPress Site

Thanks to WordPress and SportsPress, you can create a powerful website for your team or teams. However, when you add the integrations above, you’ll get even more functionality and features that both your team and your fans will love. Use the list above to improve your site with extra features or download our extension list to have it handy for later.

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