Advanced club & league management

Build a professional data-driven sports website for your team today.

Built for sports

No need to hack together multiple plugins for the functionality you want, it’s all here. SportsPress Pro is an all-in-one sports club manager for WordPress.

Designed with care

Intuitive software built by our most experienced developers. Imagine your sports website on steroids, without the 'roids – 100% beautifully written code.

Saves development time

SportsPress Pro saves you time by giving you the tools you need to set up your website quickly and easily. All of its features work seamlessly together.

Beautifully automated standings

Fully automated standings give you the relief of knowing your league tables are always up to date.

Auto-calculate and sort by any column

Sort by one or multiple columns, with a priority setting for each column. Visitors can also click any of the columns to custom sort the table.

Highlight your home team in the table

Select a team to highlight in each league table, to make it easier to see where you team is in the standings. Shortened tables are centered around the highlighted team.

Head to head tiebreakers New

In the event of a tie, SportsPress automatically compares and analyzes match results between the teams to put them in order.

Build custom equations for your sport

Choose from the included presets, or build equations for any sport. The easy drag-and-drop interface allows you to create custom equations and display advanced statistics like streak, games back, and home/away records.

SportsPress Pro Equation Builder


Schedule events.

Display venue information

Keep your players and staff informed and let them know where they need to be. Add venues to display an interactive Google map so they'll know exactly how to get there.

Add a starting lineup

Select the players that will be playing in the event. The player order can be changed, and starting lineup can be displayed separately from substitutes.

SportsPress Pro Match Reports


Publish scores.

Scoring timeline New

SportsPress makes it easy to keep track of each player's performance during an event. Display these in a timeline with icons in your match report.

Detailed match stats

Get more insight by displaying a breakdown of each team's statistics per event. An animated bar graph will show you the match stats.

Choose how to display those matches

Multiple layouts give you control over where and how to display events on your site.

SportsPress Pro Scoreboard

Header scoreboard New

Visually display multiple events in a horizontal layout across your website. As seen on websites such as the NFL, EPL, NHL, and NBA, the header scoreboard layout is a signature design element to any professional sports website. Visitors can easily see the latest scores and check out your match reports.

SportsPress Pro Event Calendar

Calendar layout

This familiar calendar layout is perfect for showing your visitors how soon the next event is. The current day is highlighted, and the dates with events can be clicked to view more details.

SportsPress Pro Event List

List layout

The list layout is compact and a good way to display lots of details without taking up too much space on your site. You can customize the columns so that it only shows the details you need.

SportsPress Pro Event Blocks

Blocks layout

Event blocks can be placed side-by-side to display fixtures and results together. The kick-off time is automatically displayed for upcoming events, and results for past events that have results.

Display an animated countdown clock to your next match

Countdown widgets can be added to the sidebar or to any page using shortcodes. Select a specific match, or let it automatically display the next match. The clock will animate on your website so visitors can feel the excitement!

SportsPress Pro Countdown
SportsPress Pro Tournament Bracket

Tournament brackets

Easily create visual and interactive knockout cup and tournament brackets.

Supports single & double elimination New

The flexible tournament layout supports most bracket types. Add up to 64 teams in single elimination or 8 teams in double elimination, with separate brackets for losers and champions.

Display group stages

League tables can be inserted before the brackets, which is a great way to show how each team performed before qualifying into the main stage. Easily display multiple group stages or relevant match information all on one page.

Attract new sponsors by offering them advertising space on your website!

Register each sponsor by simply uploading a logo. Quickly add sponsors to your website in all the right places. You'll be able to customize the size of sponsor logos, sort order, position, and the number of sponsors you’d like to display in the footer or header of your website. From your admin panel, you’ll be able to see which of your sponsors are getting the most clicks and impressions.

Awesome player profiles

Give your players dynamic profiles with their own statistics.

Career stats updated automatically

Player statistics are automatically calculated from their performance in past events from any combination of season and league. Get an overview of their career by displaying total statistics.

Birthdays with calculated age

Birthdays can be added to player and staff records. Once added, each person's age is automatically calculated and can be displayed on their profile.

Keep your team organized

Create custom groups and display them on your site in many different ways.

Player galleries

Each player is displayed with a profile photo and their squad number in a grid layout. Useful for creating team rosters.


Players can be sorted by their performance to show who's in the lead. Create multiple leaderboards for different statistics.

Staff directories

Display an overview of the staff members in each club with their job title and contact information for quick glance.

Team access New

Give members access to different areas of your site. You can even choose which team each person belongs to.

Well documented, Fully Supported

With access to our manuals and tutorials to help you along the way, you’re in good hands.

Getting started guides

Our beginner-friendly documentation will show step-by-step instructions on how to set up your new sports team site from start to finish.

Video tutorials & tips

For those who prefer to watch videos, we've produced a number tutorials that you can follow. Complete with narrations.

Plenty of love for developers

More experienced users can make use of our REST API and developer docs to customize further and build advanced integrations.

ThemeBoy Support

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    League License

    For leagues and larger clubs

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    For agencies and organizations

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All prices are in US dollars. To continue receiving updates, Club and League licenses can be renewed each year at 50% off the original price.

30 day money-back guarantee

We fully stand behind our products and are confident that you’ll be happy with our code. That said, we understand one size doesn’t necessarily fit all. If things aren’t working out and we can’t resolve your issue, we’re happy to give you a full refund within 30 days of the original purchase date.

Frequently answered questions

Which sports does it support?

The plugin will support most team sports with a scoring system. You can customize the table columns and player statistics. Presets are included for commonly requested sports, and you can even create your own!

View list of sports

Will it work with my theme?

Yes! SportsPress Pro will work with any theme, but may require some styling to make it match nicely. If you're using one of our themes, SportsPress Pro expands on the included sports features by adding powerful new modules.

Learn about the features

Can it manage multiple sports?

Yes! Multisite enables you to have each sport on a subdomain of your main site and allows you to share widgets from any site within your network. A League License or Agency License is needed to receive updates on Multisite.

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