Williamsburg International FC

Case Study

WIFC holds a strong emphasis on camaraderie and good friends over competitiveness and winning at all costs. We do our best to provide an environment where good players can play to an appropriate level of competition but also where anyone can learn and enjoy the game.

How It All Started

Back in the Winter of 2011, the core team formed as a free agent team at Pier 40 in New York City where we eventually started to play in a 7v7 league in Queens against Barnstonworth Rovers FC.

After matches, we’d go to a bar down the street called Doyle’s Corner where the players from Barnstonworth would tell us stories about the Cosmo League and teams with long histories like Hoboken FC 1912, NY Greek Americans, and Polonia NY. They got us hooked on the idea of joining the CSL.

The ThemeBoy and SportsPress platform assisted us in building a stylish and comprehensive site that our club is proud to call our digital home.
Josh Roos, Williamsburg International FC

We held a meeting with about 15 players and we submitted our documents to the league office. We were voted in on probationary membership at the league’s General Meeting in 2013 and received full membership in 2014.

Since 2014, Williamsburg International FC has been part of the Cosmopolitan Soccer League and has grown into two teams in the CSL with affiliated teams in weeknight leagues around NYC.

Discovering ThemeBoy

We were looking for a platform to run our clubs website on that would manage club stats, matches, and news and keep our growing club and community up to date with our success.

We had debated using Squarespace to run the website but ultimately went with WordPress and the Football Club theme due to the integrated tools made specifically for sports teams and clubs.

Our Experience with SportsPress Pro

The platform is fairly intuitive and user friendly. It was easy to get started on and once I fully grasped the tool sets and framework, I was able to customize our template to fit WIFC’s ultra stylish aesthetic.

The integration of club management tools and ease of use was what set ThemeBoy and SportsPress aside from others platform options.

I’m a big fan of the extensions, for instance the league bar — they make as nice touches that really bring the site together at a professional level, not to mention other teams don’t mind seeing their logo on our website as well!

A Positive Impact

Our web engagement drastically increased. Boosted club awareness and made many connections as far as new players and contacts who have reached out because of the WIFC website. Also, it incentivized our forwards to net us some more goals to see their name on that top scorer list.

The ThemeBoy and SportsPress platform assisted us in building a stylish and comprehensive site that our club is proud to call our digital home.

Doylies Never Die

The club was originally called Doyle’s Corner FC, but voted to change the name to Williamsburg International FC in 2014. Not only do we think it’s a better name, but it also distinguishes us from the majority of New York City clubs who tend to be centered around an ethnicity or nationality. We’ve had players join our team from 6 continents, more than 20 countries, and many US states.

We’ve kept the nickname “Doylies” as a nod to our roots — a group of friends who enjoy playing together and having a beer after the game. It’s also a good reminder not to take ourselves too seriously.

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