Transifex Live, a WordPress Plugin That Makes Translating Fun

If you saw my talk at WordCamp Sydney or have ever had drinks with me after a WordPress Meetup, you’ll know I’m a huge fan of Transifex, a crowdsourced localization platform that has helped us get our SportsPress plugin translated into over 50 languages.

Last year, Transifex launched their new service, Transifex Live for public beta. I also began working on a WordPress plugin to integrate with the service.

Making it Official

Today, I’m proud to announce that Transifex has made use of this code with the release of their official Live Translation Plugin for WordPress!

Transifex has always focused on improving user experience and efficiency around UI localization. The new service enables not only translation-ready strings, but also hardcoded text and content itself to be translated on the fly. Zero coding required.

With a single line of JavaScript copied and pasted into any website (like Google Analytics), the site becomes instantly recognized as a translatable resource.

Anything on your website can then be translated using their web interface by you, your colleagues, professional translators, or even crowdsourced through the community.

Using the Live Translation Plugin

Once the plugin is installed, you’ll see a new menu link under Settings. From here, you can add your API key and select options like the language picker location and color scheme. A language picker ID can also be added to make it easier to target with custom CSS.

The plugin doesn’t actually modify any of the content on your site or the language files in your themes and plugins. Instead, it connects with the Transifex Live servers to deliver realtime translations of your website using Javascript.

That’s why, unlike other solutions, you won’t ever need to manually insert language tags or create copies of your content for each language. Transifex Live simply works as a hassle-free solution to translate WordPress sites.

Sound good? Go ahead and download the free Live Translation Plugin!

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