SportsPress Pro 2.3 Update with User Score Submissions

Today, we released an update to SportsPress, and we’re also introducing an all-new User Scores module for SportsPress Pro!

User Scores

This new module gives you the option to display a score submission form to logged-in users on your event pages. Each user sees a different form according to their role and associated players.

Role Settings

Each role is given a different set of permissions, with a setting to show or hide the submission form per role. To edit these settings, scroll to the User Scores section in Event Settings.

You’ll see an option for each role. When enabled, League Managers and Event Managers can submit scores for any player, while Team Managers can submit scores for their own team. Staff can submit scores for each player on the team that they participated on as a staff member for that event, and players can only submit scores for themselves.

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Frontend Submissions

Use the Layout options in Event Settings to drag and drop the User Scores and User Results templates in place, and enable them using the toggle switch.

Once enabled, a new section will be displayed to logged in users on the frontend. Here’s an example of how it looks from a user who has permission to submit scores for 4 of the players.

Admin Approval

An admin user, or owner of the event, can log into the dashboard to see all of the submitted scores. From there, they can approve or reject each row as they see fit.

Approved scores will be added to the Box Score section, while rejected scores will simply be discarded. Note that you’ll need to save changes for these new scores to apply.

Amending Scores

Users also have the option to amend their submissions by visiting the same event page. Previously submitted scores will be displayed as placeholders, and the user can enter the new scores into the same table.

All new submissions are treated equally, so they must still be approved by an admin of that event in order to officially appear in the Box Score.

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