SportsPress for Football (Soccer), Cricket, and Golf

What Are These New SportsPress Extensions About?

With over 10,000 sports teams using the SportsPress plugin and WordPress as a platform to build their websites, we understand that every sport is different, and many features are unique to certain sports. SportsPress includes several different presets for a number of sports, but we’re excited to introduce 3 new SportsPress extensions for Football, Cricket, and Golf.

These extensions are free and can be installed on new SportsPress sites as well as existing sites to add features unique to your sport.

SportsPress for Football

Footballers! We’ve added a new own goals reporting feature which gives you the option to display a red soccer ball, in Icon mode, or a special OG notation when you’re in Values mode.

Be sure to update to SportsPress 1.9 and download the SportsPress for Football extension!

SportsPress for Cricket

Cricketers! We’ve made a lot of improvements since we introduced Cricket compatibility in SportsPress 1.7.

The SportsPress for Cricket extension will let you add a row to record Extras, and swap your bowlers from the home and away team in the scorecard.

SportsPress for Cricket adds a row to record Extras and swaps the bowlers from the home and away team in the scorecard. screenshot 12.

SportsPress for Golf

Golfers! SportsPress for Golf adds a new row for you to record Par for each hole, and an option to specify the number of holes per round, which will then automatically crop the scorecard for you.

Once you’ve installed a SportsPress extension, you might notice a couple subtle changes your dashboard. The extension will correct some of the terminology in the Dashboard to reflect the right terms for your sport, and the SportsPress icon will also be swapped for a new icon representing your sport.

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