SportsPress 1.7 Plugin Updated with Cricket Compatibility

Today we’re excited to announce an update to our WordPress Sports plugin and tell you about the new features you’ll find in SportsPress version 1.7. You can download this version from theWordPress plugin directory or update it right from your dashboard.

What’s new in SportsPress 1.7?

The main purpose of this update is to give you more control over your sports data, make it easier to use and get started with the initial set up.

You can check out the full changelog below, but here are the key highlights of this update:

New tools to help you get started

Video Tutorials

As with any software, there’s going to be a slight learning curve when you start using it. To ease you into understanding how this WordPress sports plugin works, we’ve included a library of handy video tutorials to help you, your clients, and/or teammates quickly grasp how to get started with SportsPress.

You’ll find these videos included as part of the new Video Tutorials Module, and like all the other modules, you’ll be able to turn them off when you’ve become a pro at using the plugin!

New Color Scheme Selector

To help you get started building your sport website more quickly, we’ve created 8 new color schemes to choose from. Once you’ve chosen a color scheme, you can always modify it to reflect your own team colors, but we hope this gives you a good starting point to work with.

More Control

Select Multiple Competitions and Seasons 

In SportsPress 1.7, we’ve made it so you can select more than one season and/or competition for each of your events, calendars, player lists, and league tables. What this means is that you can display data from multiple seasons or competitions at the same time, rather than being limited to creating post types for one season or competition.

This is great news for those of you who are wanting to create one central calendar with all of your upcoming seasons and competitions, a league table with event results from multiple seasons, or a player list with player performance data from past and upcoming competitions.

New Modules

In 1.6, we introduced a modules page that gives you a clear overview of the sports features currently activated on your WordPress website. In SportsPress 1.7, you’ll find the new overview, widgets, and importers modules that you can turn on and off from the module page, giving you more control over what to load and avoid loading unnecessary code.

Automated Column Option

We’ve introduced a new setting for the Event Results and Player Performance tables that allows you to now choose whether you want to manually or automatically display values. If you select the Manual option, you can select the Event Results and Player Performance columns that you want to display on the front end from the Event page.

As of SportsPress version 1.7, you can select the Auto option to display all performance columns automatically and, for Event Results, only the outcomes with number values to be displayed. By choosing the auto option, any event result column without a value will not be displayed. What does this mean for you? Less options to check, and less time spent on updating event results.

Cricket Compatibility

We’ve been seeing an increase in demand for making SportsPress more Cricket friendly. Perhaps all the excitement around the 2015 Cricket World Cup in Australia and New Zealand is contributing to this demand, but this really doesn’t come as a surprise. If you didn’t already know, Cricket is the 2nd most popular sport with a huge fan base in India, Australia, and the UK.

In SportsPress 1.7, we’ve introduced new features to make the plugin very useful for Cricket fans.

Primary Performance Selection Option

In this update, you’ll now have the option to select a primary player performance. By selecting a primary performance, you will be able to display the totals for that variable. This is particularly useful for Cricket teams, who will want to sum up and display their runs per team.

Display an Extras Row in Event Performance

In your Event Options page, under Player Performance, you’ll find a new “Extras” checkbox that you can turn on and off. If you’re using SportsPress for Cricket, simply select the cricket sport preset and this Extras row will automatically be displayed for you. For those of you who don’t need this extras column, don’t worry, this column isn’t going to show up unless you have chosen to display it.

New Event Results Options for Players

In this update, we’ve included new ways for you to display your players within the event results tables.

Here are 4 different ways you can now split your event results tables:

  1. By teams – Most commonly used in sports websites
  2. By team and further narrowed down by player positions – Perfect for cricket clubs and sports with multiple positions that each have a different set of statistics  
  3. By Player Positions – Players from both teams will be grouped together into results tables by position.
  4. All players in one event results table

Download the Free SportsPress Cricket Equation Sheet!

Get this equation sheet

To view the full list of all the features and fixes, you can visit the SportsPress changelog.

What’s new in SportsPress Pro?

All of the SportsPress 1.7 updates in the changeling are included in SportsPress Pro 1.7, but you’ll also get this update to Pro:

The new and improved Tournaments module included in SportsPress Pro (Club and League License) now features a management screen that lets you schedule and update events directly. The teams, date, time, and results can be changed quickly through the tournament screen, and the winning team from each event will be displayed as proceeding to the next round in the bracket.

Where can I get the latest version of SportsPress Pro?

Your update to SportsPress Pro 1.7 is waiting for you in your account! Head on over to your My Account page and download it to get these new features.

If you don’t have a Pro license yet, you can go over to the features page to see which license would best fit your needs.

Do you have anything you want to share with us?

Many of you have been in touch with us to share your experiences and ideas with us via support and social media, but now you can submit your suggestions and vote on new features!

We’re thrilled to see more and more users using the SportsPress plugin for their sports websites. With more users, means people wanting to use the plugin for different sports and purposes. If you’re interested in adding a preset for your sport, feel free to get in touch with us!

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