New SportsPress Theme: Courtside

Last month we announced SportsPress 2.1 where we introduced a whole heap of new features. It was an exciting and big update that introduced match days, minutes in box scores, tabbed sections, player profile enhancements, and more. We’ve released a couple minor updates then, so be sure to download the latest version if you haven’t already! You can check out the entire changelog.

Today, we’re excited to announce the release of our new WordPress sports theme: Courtside!

Courtside, just like all of our themes, was specifically built for sporting organizations and is fully compatible with the SportsPress plugin.

A WordPress Theme for Basketball

Courtside can be used for any type of sports team, but the design was inspired by the action, energy, and excitement felt on a basketball court.

As a SportsPress powered WordPress sports theme, all of the game scheduling, team and player ranking charts, team and player stats, and other team management features are available to you and have been optimized to look pixel-perfect on your device.

Courtside makes it easy for you to create team rosters to showcase your teammates in a player gallery style or a simple list format.

Each player can also have their own profile page to share a bit more about themselves and showcase their accomplishments from each season.

See It in Action!

We’ve created a basketball demo to give you a good idea of how this all works. Be sure to check out the Courtside theme demo to see it all in action!

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A slam dunk for your site

Give your data-driven website a stunning new look.

Get Courtside

Courtside SportsPress Theme

Looking for Even More Sports Features?

If you’re working on a league website or a website for a sporting organization with multiple sports, listen up!

SportsPress Pro is a plugin that can be used with Courtside or any WordPress theme to bring a suite of sports features to your site.

As shown in the image above, SportsPress Pro gives you a League Menu bar to make it easy for your visitors to jump from one team to the next. Below the menu bar, you’ll find the Scoreboard widget which shows you a quick overview of the games that have been played.

If you’ve got sponsors, there’s no doubting that they’d love to be on your website! SportsPress Pro gives you a Sponsors module so you can easily add their logos, a link to their website, and the option to create them a separate page, if you’d like to.

Tip: If you are looking to get new sponsors for your team, be sure to include this in your offer when reaching out to potential sponsors!

Check out Courtside with SportsPress Pro

Along with the features mentioned above, there are several other sports features that SportsPress Pro will introduce to your WordPress site. To see the Courtside theme in action with the SportsPress Pro plugin, be sure to check out this demo!

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