How to Create Content for Your Sports Website

Getting your sports website online doesn’t mean that your job is done. On the contrary, once your site is up and running, you need to create content that will not only engage your fans and followers but also attract new visitors to your site.

In this post, we’ll share six ways to create content for your sports website and share the top 3 reasons why content creation is important.

6 Ways to Create Content for Your Sports Website

From blogging to podcasting, we are sure there is a way for you to create content for your sports website that aligns with your strengths and that you’ll enjoy doing on a regular basis. Of course, you can also try experimenting with multiple content types as there is no hard and fast rule that says you need to stick with only one content type.


Blogging is probably the most popular and the oldest form of content creation for any website. Blogging gets a good reputation because it allows you to update your site on a regular basis and search engines love sites that offer fresh content.

Another benefit of blogging is that it allows you to share match results as well as behind the scene happenings even during the off-season so your fans and everyone else can stay connected to you throughout the year.

Past Match Replays

Another way to create content for your site is to simply post past match replays as blog entries on your site. This goes well with posts that announce the match as you can always update the entry with a match replay.

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It’s even better if you provide a short commentary and a bullet list of the major moments during the match.

Funny Sports Videos

While sport matches are serious business, that doesn’t mean you can’t have a bit of fun. Sharing your funny sports videos from matches could be just the thing that attracts a large new following to your team and your website.

Or you could create funny sports videos from scratch and have fun in the process. For example, one of the most popular Youtube channels in the sports industry is Dude Perfect. His videos are the perfect example of sports and comedy combined into one and they regularly have millions of views.

Sports Quizzes

Create a fun sports quiz that tests your fan’s knowledge about your particular sport. You can also create a quiz for general sports trivia or get really specific and create a quiz about your team.

Make it even more appealing by offering a prize for people who answer all the questions correctly. This could be something small like a pair of tickets or a team shirt.

A few quiz plugins to help you create your sports quiz include QuizCat which is a standalone WordPress plugin that lets you create Buzzfeed style quizzes. You can also use a tool like Interact which is a third-party tool but they do offer plenty of features and a WordPress plugin that lets you embed the quiz on your site.

Start a Sports Podcast

Sports podcasts are a popular podcast category so why not start your own? The beauty of this approach is that you can have guests from your area that are in the sports industry as well as feature your team players.

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You can embed your podcast episodes right on your blog and use the show notes or a complete transcript as the body of your post. This way, you’re making it easy for your audience to consume the content in whichever way they prefer.

Conduct Player Interviews

Lastly, consider interviewing your players as well as other members of your team and posting them on your site. You could post them as written posts as well as video or audio posts with the transcription added to the blog post. What’s more, you could also get your fans involved and let them ask questions.

Doing so allows your fans to learn more about their favorite team and if you use their questions, it makes them feel even more valued and appreciated.

Top 3 Reasons Why Content Creation Matters

Now that you know how you can create content for your sports website, let’s briefly go over the most important reasons why you should do so.

1. Content Helps Your SEO

As we mentioned earlier, adding quality content to your website on a regular basis is a surefire way for search engines to love your site. Sites that are regularly updated tend to rank higher in the search engines so there is no reason not to create content for your sports website.

Once you start ranking in the search engines, you have better chances of getting discovered by new potential fans, team members, and even sponsors and donors.

2. Engages Your Audience

Whether it’s written, video or audio content, there is no denying it that content gives you an excellent opportunity to engage your audience. They can come back to your site on the regular for a fresh dose of sports news which lets them get to know your team better and it also gives them a way to keep in touch with you during the off-season.

3. Brings More Traffic to Your Site

Content creation also helps bring more traffic to your site. Once you get in the groove of regularly posting new content on your site, you will have plenty of material to share on your social media profiles. And that allows you to bring more of your followers back to your site.

In addition to that, because of the SEO benefits mentioned earlier, you also have better chances of getting more organic traffic to your site for sports terms related to your team.

Final Thoughts

Creating content for your sports website is not as difficult as it seems. In this article, we’ve shared six different ways that you can use to create content for your sports website so you can engage your fans and visitors. As always, don’t forget to download the cheat sheet for this post so you can keep it handy any time you need inspiration for your content creation.

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