From Theme to Ecosystem

On August 26th 2013, we registered “SportsPress” on the WordPress Plugin Directory to prepare for the development of our first sports plugin. Through our experience with Football Club, we learned that our users loved how easy it was to create a fully functional website for their team using our flagship theme.

However, as expected, they wanted more – all sorts of features and functionality that we couldn’t possibly cram into one theme. So it dawned on us, hey, why don’t we create a really awesome plugin that includes the key sports functionality with options to extend features as needed? We were thrilled to release version 1.0 on June 1st!

SportsPress is a free WordPress plugin used to power your website with league management capabilities. The plugin enables you to create team profiles for all the teams in your league, schedules with upcoming games, your results, league tables, team and player statistics, and some other cool features you can see for yourself.

One of the most useful things about SportsPress is that you can use it for any sport. The core plugin has been designed so you can customize your own point system with the built in equation builder – no more having to hack the system! There are sport presets included for some of the more common sports to get you started or simply to help you navigate your way around the equation builder.

It is the new ecosystem that we will be building our new products around. Our new themes will take your SportsPress data and display them in dynamic ways. You’ll be seeing a lot more themes from us in the near future. The first 3 extensions (League Menu, Team Colors, and Sponsors) have been released and there are many more in development.

The next theme is due to launch later this month along with a couple more extensions. Be sure to sign up to stay in the loop so we can keep you posted on when they become available!

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