SportsPress + WPML

As of version 1.3.2, SportsPress is now fully compatible with WPML.

What is WPML?

WPML is a premium plugin for WordPress that makes it easy to build and run multilingual sites. It enables multiple versions of your site to run simultaneously within a single WordPress installation. By translating your site’s content into different languages and using the built-in language switcher, you can deliver a localized version of your site to your visitors.

SportsPress has been thoroughly tested using WPML running multiple languages within a single WordPress installation. All strings within the plugin can be translated, and you’ll now be able to create multiple versions of your SportsPress data for the languages your site offers. This includes the following post types and taxonomies:


  • Events
  • Calendars
  • Teams
  • League Tables
  • Players
  • Player Lists
  • Staff
  • Staff Directories*
  • Sponsors*


  • Leagues
  • Seasons
  • Venues
  • Positions
  • Roles

*Staff Directories and Sponsors can be added to your site by purchasing a SportsPress Pro Club or League License.

Further Reading

For details on how to setup your multilingual SportsPress site, see this Multilingual Setup guide.

Read the official WPML announcement and check compatibility between WPML and SportsPress.

Get started by downloading SportsPress from the WordPress Plugin Directory.

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