What’s new in SportsPress v1.4?

Have you updated to the latest version of SportsPress plugin? If you haven’t already, go ahead and download SportsPress 1.4. Here are 3 new things that you can do with this new update!

1. iCal Feed Integration

You can now share your event calendar with your teammates and fans with iCal feed integration! You’ll find a new section called “Feeds” when you go to edit you calendars under Events > Calendars. In the feeds section, you will have an iCal URL that you can copy and paste into your personal Calendar by adding it as a new subscription. By using this iCal feed, you’ll be able to bring all the SportsPress events in your calendar. If you have multiple calendars, you can also add multiple iCal feeds to your personal calendar as well.

2. Demo Content

In SportsPress 1.4, we introduced an option to add demo content to help you get started with your new sports website. On a new install or update of SportsPress, you’ll be asked to select your sport, location and a new check box to add the demo content. Once you’ve selected these fields, the sample data will be added to your events, calendars, teams, league tables, players, player lists, and staff. When you’re ready to enter your own data, you can either delete or directly write over the demo content with your own data.

3. Staff Shortcode & Widget

Update to version 1.4.7 to gain access to the new staff shortcode and widget feature. Once you’ve updated, you will be able to display a staff member’s photo and details on any post or page using provided shortcodes. You can also use the Staff widget to display a single staff member in any sidebar or widget area.

Bonus: Official SportsPress Video

Earlier this year,  we went out onto the pitch with some footballers and filmed this short video.

Love SportsPress? Support us by sharing this video and introducing other teams to this plugin! To view all the other changes we’ve added to version 1.4, please visit our WordPress.org changelog.

SportsPress Pro Update

In the latest version of SportsPress Pro, we introduced a new feature called Tournaments that allows you to create tournament brackets to visually display knockout cups and playoffs. Your tournament brackets will contain events that you have selected as a “tournament” format and can be selected through a drop down menu.

To get started with tournaments, download the latest version from the link in your receipt or purchase a SportsPress Pro Club or League license.

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