SportsPress TV Update: More Sports Channels for WordPress Users

If you’re running a sports website, you know how much time it takes to keep your website current with the latest news and events. It’s important to stay ahead of the game and have relevant content to keep your visitors coming back to your website.

To give you some breathing room, we released a WordPress sports plugin called SportsPress TV that consistently gives your website the latest video sports news without you having to do the work. If you’ve been embedding videos from YouTube, you’re well aware of how often you need to manually upload a new link or realize that the video has been removed. Unlike YouTube, SportsPress TV gives you dynamic content so your website gets a constant feed of the latest videos from whichever sports channel you select.

We currently have over 400 channels with different sports and languages, and with this new update, we’ve introduced Japanese and Portuguese channels! Check out the full list of SportsPress TV channels.

It’s been 5 months since we officially announced the SportsPress TV plugin powered by PERFORM’s ePlayer, one of the world’s most popular premium sport VOD broadcasters, and today we’re excited to announce SportsPress TV version 0.9.6! Be sure to update to the latest version from your dashboard or download the latest version from

Working with PERFORM has allowed us to bring professional sports video content to WordPress users. Just to be clear, we don’t make this content, we communicate with the big guys to make these sports channels available to you guys for free.

On that note, are there any channels that you want to see? Be sure to follow us on twitter and tweet to us @ThemeBoy using the hashtag #SportsPressTV we’ll try our best to get it added for you. Have fun!

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