SportsPress Pro 2.6 Update with Midseason Transfers and Results Matrix

SportsPress Pro users, we’ve just released a big update for you! Version 2.6 introduces significant new features that I’ll outline in this article.

Results Matrix

Display matches between home and away team in a grid. Create or select an existing calendar and select the Matrix layout to convert the calendar to an interactive results matrix!

Read more about the Results Matrix extension.

Midseason Transfers

Keep track of players that switched teams during a season by adding one or more extra rows to their statistics table. Display the team and partial statistics before and after the transfer.

Read more about the Midseason Transfers extension.

Vertical Timelines

Display a match commentary style play-by-play timeline within events. To enable the new layout, visit Event Settings, scroll down to the Timelines section and select the Vertical layout.

Read more about the Timelines extension.

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