SportsPress 1.9 Update

The SportsPress plugin surpassed the 85,000 download mark on! This tells us that more clubs are using WordPress and are choosing to use SportsPress to manage their websites, and it makes it all the worthwhile for us to continue working on this open source project!

Player Performance Icons

In SportsPress 1.9, you’ll find a set of pre-packaged vector icons you can use to display player performance metrics.

We’ve included a football, baseball, basketball, cricket ball, shoe/boot, and a card, but you can also upload your own icon images to suit your needs. I’m sure you guys can get quite creative with this!

Player Statistics

You’ll find a new Event Results section within your Player Statistics Equation which include new variables that you can start using for calculating your statistics. Adding these new variables opens up heaps of new possibilities for your custom equations.

Automatic Event Results

By introducing the new Event Results section in the Player Statistics equation builder, you can now create equations for Event Results based on Player Performance metrics (a,b,c). This eliminates the need to enter the same data twice, making it easier for you to add up player performance metrics and automatically use those figures to calculate your Event Results.

Default Event Outcomes

In a recent update, we introduced automatic event outcomes based on a given condition (greater than, less than, or equal to other teams). In SportsPress 1.9, you can now choose “Default” as a condition, which would be used if none of these other conditions are met. This is particularly useful for sports with more than 2 teams participating in an event, like golf or bowling.

National Flags in Player Lists

How diverse is your team? In SportsPress 1.9, we’ve introduced a new option so that you can display a flag next to each player’s name in the player list (aka team roster or player rankings).

Google Map Zoom

Love Google Maps? In 1.9, you can now adjust how close the Google Maps perspective will zoom by default. This is a great option to use if your venue doesn’t fit on the embedded map, or if you want to zoom in a bit closer to show more detail.

What’s new in SportsPress Pro?

SportsPress Pro users, this update will give you access to two new modules in the WordPress dashboard: Team Access and Lazy Loading.

Team Access Module

To give you more control over user roles, we’ve introduced the Team Access module which limits user access to data only related to the team they’ve been assigned to.

To assign a user access to a given team, go to Users > Edit User > and find the new Team Access section, and add the team you want to assign them. Update the users and they will be able to view data relating to their team, but will not be able to view or edit anything related to the other teams in the league.

Lazy Loading Module

If you’ve got hundreds of players in your database and your using a small server, you may find that events are taking a long time to load when editing. By enabling the new Lazy Loading Module, editing your event pages becomes more efficient because now your database of players is  automatically filtered based on the competition, season, and teams, and will only load the players that fall into those parameters.

Where can I get the latest version of SportsPress Pro?

If you have an active license of SportsPress Pro, automatic updates will be delivered to your dashboard. You can also download version 1.9 directly from the receipt link you received from us at the time of purchase.

If you don’t have a license yet, or want to know more about the plugin, check out the SportsPress Pro page where you’ll find lots of good information about the features this plugin has to offer.

Thanks again for your support and we hope you enjoy this update!

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