How to Register Teams and Players on Your Site Using WordPay

Getting players involved with your website has many benefits for your team. It helps build team spirit as players can interact with each other. It also helps you attract your fans continuously to your site as they can visit it over and over to interact with the players and stay up to date with the latest news.

There are several different ways to encourage players and teams to be involved with your site, but getting them to sign up and register as members is one of the best ways to promote interaction between players and fans alike. However, there is another good reason why you should invite your players and teams to register as users on your site, and that is collecting club membership payments.

WordPress allows you to enable registrations on your site straight out of the box. But, default user registrations are rather limited in terms of functionality. If you want the ability to collect member dues, you’ll need to find an appropriate plugin.

Luckily, you can easily achieve this with the help of SportsPress integration with WordPay. In today’s article, we’ll show you how to register teams and players on your site and share a few reasons why you should collect membership payments through your site.

How to Register Teams and Players on Your Site With WordPay

To allow teams to register on your site, you’ll need to install the WordPay plugin.

First, obtain a license for the plugin and download the zip file. Go to your WordPress dashboard and navigate to Plugins > Add New. Choose Upload New Plugin and select the zip file you downloaded. Wait for the file to upload and then click on Activate Plugin.

Once the plugin is active, go to SportsPress > Settings. Make sure you are on the Modules tab and that the box next to WordPay is checked.

Next, you will need to create a membership plan so you can collect club fees from your players and teams. To start, go to WordPay > Subscription Plans > Add New.

Enter the details for the subscription and set the user role to Player. Click on Save subscription to make the plan active.

Once the plan has been created, you need to make sure that the registration form is correctly generated.

You can use the shortcode [wpay-register-player] to generate a registration form for the players or use the shortcode [wpay-register-team] to generate a form for team registration on any page on your site.

You can also use the WordPay widget in any widget area on your site to display the form on the front end of your site. To enable it, go to Appearance > Widgets and select the WordPay Register widget. Add it to the widget area of your choice and select either players or teams, depending on how you set up your subscription plan.

After you’ve activated the widget, players will be able to select their team during the registration process and see the duration and price of the subscription.

Why You Should Collect Membership Payments Through Your Site

No matter what type of club you manage or how many teams you manage, keeping track of membership payments can be tedious. Here are a few reasons why you should use your site to collect club membership payments.

1. Set Up Automatic Reminders

One of the biggest benefits of collecting club fees through your site is the ability to have automatic reminders sent to your team members as their subscription is about to expire.

If you’ve been collecting payments manually, you know how cumbersome it can be to remind everyone that their club fees are due.

However, with WordPay, you can activate the Email Reminders module from WordPay settings and the plugin will send an email notification to all the members once their subscription is about to expire. They can then manually renew their plan to ensure their membership stays active.

2. Collect Recurring Payments

You can take it a step further and activate the Recurring payments module to have the subscription plan created for club membership payments automatically renew for all the players.

On top of sending email reminders, the recurring payments module will automatically charge the member’s preferred payment method which means you can set it and forget it.

Keep in mind that you will need to sign up for PayPal and enter your PayPal details along with API credentials to enable recurring payments on your site.

3. Keep A Record of Everything In One Central Place

Another benefit of using a membership plugin like WordPay and collecting club dues on your site is the fact that you can keep everything in one central place. You can easily keep track of payments and earnings on a daily basis as well as keep an archive record for accounting purposes.

If your members need to change their billing cycle, you can easily update their subscription details from your dashboard without worrying about setting up a new reminder for yourself to collect their payment.

Of course, the best part is that you can easily transfer all the payments from your PayPal account into your bank account or opt for Stripe and payouts will be transferred automatically. This makes it easier to keep track of everything on the accounting side as well.

Registering Teams and Players and Collecting Member Dues on Your Site Is Easy

Registering teams and players on your site is easy with SportsPress Pro and WordPay plugin integration. It allows you not only to get your players involved with your site, build team spirit, and interact with their fans, but it also allows you to collect club membership dues in one central location.

Because of this, you don’t have to worry about manually keeping track of payments and due dates or remind your team members that their membership fees are due. Make team management easier and grab a copy of SportsPress Pro and WordPay to enable team and player registrations and collect member dues. Don’t forget to download a checklist of the steps needed to configure team and player registrations on your site.

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