The New ThemeBoy

Hi everyone, welcome to our new blog! Since we launched ThemeBoy in 2011, we’ve been communicating with you guys through social media and our support site, which hasn’t exactly been the most efficient way to share important information with all of you. We knew we needed to create a blog to have a central location to provide you with all the latest ThemeBoy updates and helpful WordPress articles – so here it is, finally!

In addition to our new blog, you may have already noticed that we’ve launched our new website with a new logo, theme, plugin, and a series of extensions! We’ve been quietly designing and developing a series of products for you WordPress loving sports fans, and we’re really exciting to finally show you what we’ve been working on all this time. I’ll be sure to write a follow-up article to explain more on that topic.

Our flagship product, Football Club, is used by over 2,000 teams in 105 countries – a good indication that we were doing something right. However, rather than designing a new theme with the same ol’ feature, we want to give you guys the additional functionality you’ve been asking for. Trust me, we’ve been listening to all the great feedback you’ve given us over the past 3 years.

To show our appreciation to our loyal customers, current Football Club users, who purchased before June 1st, will be getting a free download of Premier along with the Sponsors extension. To make the transition as smooth as possible, we created a Football Club exporter tool for you guys. We will be sending out an email with your download links over the next 72 hours, so be sure to keep an eye out for that. Please make sure you’re able to receive emails from us – you definitely don’t want to miss this!

Yes, ThemeBoy has upped their game! We’re here to bring you the most advanced WordPress tools to help you create really awesome sports websites. Our free sports plugin, SportsPress, is going to pave the way to bringing you extra features to your site. At the moment, we’ve got 3 extensions available for you guys to download, but we have plans to develop heaps more. As always, feel free to pitch us your ideas so we can add them to the development road map!

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