New SportsPress Theme: Varsity

Today, we’re announcing the launch of our latest SportsPress Theme, Varsity! Designed with a modern aesthetic, this theme features angled highlights, overflowing curves and vibrant gradients.

As with all of our themes, Varsity is 100% compatible with SportsPress as well as SportsPress Pro, and can be customized for any sport.

Curious what the theme looks like? Check out this short video highlighting some of the key design elements of Varsity.

Widgetized homepage design

Add a header image to your homepage, automatically cropped with a stylish curved transition into the widget area. You can add your choice of sports widgets and customize the layout to suit.

The widgetized homepage design for Varsity

Varsity features a mix of primary and secondary colors that can be changed to match your team’s color scheme. Each widget has been carefully designed with to be clean and elegant yet bold and vibrant, fitting together perfectly with one another.

Player profiles

The player template showcasing player details, statistics, and career totals.

Player profile templates feature a new curved tab design that can be customized to display your choice of player-specific profiles, statistics, matches played, career totals, and much more.

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Varsity SportsPress Theme

New extension for volleyball

While this theme is compatible with any of the 26 preset sports like football (soccer), basketball and baseball, we’ve updated the volleyball preset and have created a special SportsPress for Volleyball extension to introduce added features specific to volleyball.

The events page with volleyball results

For volleyball teams using this or any of our other SportsPress themes alongside the new extension, you’ll find additional options that improve the way match results are reported and displayed on your site. The checkboxes can be cycled through to different states to select your starting lineup, substitutes, and Libero.

It’s not just for volleyball

The underlying functionality of this theme is powered by SportsPress, a free sports club management plugin. Originally created for football (soccer), SportsPress now supports 26 different sports automatically, and can be configured for any sport using the custom equation builder.

SportsPress Pro compatibility

Using SportsPress Pro? Varsity is designed to work perfectly with all of the added features, including tournament brackets, header scoreboards, sponsors, and match stats. If you don’t have Varsity or SportsPress Pro yet, you can pick up a bundle license to get them both together!

Check out the Varsity theme page for more screenshots and information about this new theme.

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