New SportsPress Theme: Boxseat

I’m pleased to announce that we just launched our 8th premium SportsPress theme, Boxseat! Taking inspiration from ice hockey, this WordPress theme features clean edges, a partially transparent header widget section, and a modern sans-serif font stack.

All of our themes, including Boxseat, are 100% compatible with SportsPress and SportsPress Pro, with the ability to select from 26 preset sports and can be further customized to suit any sport.

Here’s a short video showcasing some of the new design elements in Boxseat:

Translucent header widget area

The header area can be customized by adding a full width photo and choosing from built-in widgets like the News Widget as seen in this screenshot. With a partly transparent background that blends into the main section, the header image is still visible under the widget area, giving your site a sleek and professional look.

The translucent header widget area displaying the latest team news

Boxseat includes custom styling for every SportsPress and SportsPress Pro widget, giving your site a consistent look and feel. You can further customize the design of your site by rearranging the widgets and choosing your own color scheme.

Player profiles

Each player will have a custom page with their photo and basic details in a card layout at the top, followed by a biography, career stats, game history, or tweets from their Twitter account. Choose which sections to display, and whether to display them together or grouped into tabs as seen in this screenshot.

Player profile with biography, career stats, and game history in tabs

If you’ve purchased a bundle (or are using SportsPress Pro), each player profile will reflect their team colors, too!

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Boxseat SportsPress Theme

New extension for ice hockey

With this release, we’ve also created a special SportsPress for Ice Hockey extension to further customize the dashboard for ice hockey teams!

It’s not just for ice hockey

As with all of our themes, Boxseat is compatible with any of the 26 preset sports like football (soccer), basketball and baseball, and can be configured for most other team sports as well.

SportsPress Pro compatibility

If you’re already using SportsPress Pro, you’ll find that Boxseat includes custom styling to ensure that all of the advanced elements will match perfectly with the rest of the theme. Here’s how the theme looks with League Menu and Scoreboard activated in the header:

The theme is 100% compatible with all pro features like Tournaments, Results Matrix, Google Maps, Sponsors, and Match Stats. If you don’t have Boxseat or SportsPress Pro yet, you can purchase a Boxseat Bundle to get them together!

Compare and purchase a license or learn more about this theme by visiting the Boxseat theme page.

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