Introducing Rookie Plus

Today, we’re pleased to announce Rookie Plus, a premium theme based on Rookie with added premium features, extended customizability, and access to our dedicated one-on-one support!

Since we released Rookie as a free SportsPress theme just over 3 years ago, it has grown to become one of the most widely installed sports themes for WordPress with 8,000+ sites and counting.

Over time, we’ve heard from many users that Rookie has become their preferred theme and have had countless requests to add premium features to it like an image slider, social sidebar, and magazine-style news widgets.

This new premium theme sports the recognizable look and feel of the classic Rookie theme, with the following additions:

Social Sidebar

Social Sidebar is a custom plugin developed by ThemeBoy and is included with each one of our premium themes, including Rookie Plus.

When activated, this plugin allows you to display a global sidebar along the left or right edge of your site with an icon for each one of the social networks your team is on. Setting it up is simple, and there are 38 different networks plus 5 unique designs to choose from.

Mega Slider

Another custom plugin we include with our premium themes, Mega Slider adds a new way to display posts on your site in an animated slider. It’s responsive and can be customized to animate in different intervals. Image sliders can be added to the top of your homepage or within any post or page on your site by using the provided shortcodes.

News Widget

This widget is the third custom plugin you’ll get as part of Rookie Plus. It gives you a quick and easy way to display posts from a specific category in one, two, three, four, or five column layouts. Professional sports club and news sites often use this layout to make it easier for visitors to find the articles they are looking for.

Rookie Plus’ premium features include Social Sidebar, Mega Slider, and News Widget.

Customizable Footer

Modify the footer of your site by adding your own copyright, “designed by” text, and link.

Premium Support

Like with our other premium WordPress themes, by purchasing Rookie Plus you’ll instantly get access to our premium support channel where you can request one-on-one support from our team.

Licenses & Pricing

Prices start at $59 USD for a Standard License, which covers 1 site. Once you’ve purchased a license, you can instantly download and activate the theme on your site. Additionally, you’ll receive 1 year of free updates and a 50% discount for renewals (Lifetime Licenses and Agency Bundles include free updates forever).

Bundles are also available, which include our flagship plugin: SportsPress Pro. Consider this option if you’re interested in advanced sports features like match stats, sponsors, and tournament brackets.

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