Introducing Accounts

We’re pleased to announce that you’ll now be able to access your purchased products, license keys, and receipts, all in one place: My Account.

Get Your Password

If you bought from us in the past, you should receive an email today with a link to create a password for your account. Alternatively, you can visit the Lost Password page and enter the email address you used during purchase to send yourself a new password.

Please note that we will be closing the old Sellwire account in 30 days (March 10th, 2016). After that, you’ll only be able to download files for active licenses by logging into your account.

Once You’ve Logged In

From the main site, click Account to log in and view your account. You’ll also have the option to log into an existing account during the checkout process.

Once logged in, you’ll see a page with several tabs including My Products, License Keys, Freebies, Invoices, and Settings. I’ll walk you through each of these tabs.

My Products

This is an overview of all of the products we offer, with a link to download the ones you’ve already purchased. If you have a license, a link to your license will also be provided under each product name.

License Keys

Here you’ll see a list of the product licenses in your account. Copy and paste each license key into your dashboard to activate that product. Local environments (localhost) will now be exempt from the site limit, so you can activate both the live site and local site with license keys that support 1 site.

If you want to see which sites are active, click Manage Sites. Here you’ll have the option to add a new site or deactivate existing ones.

Click View Upgrades to see the upgrade options available for that license. From this page you can easily upgrade to another license by paying the difference.

To the right of each license you’ll see a visual display of the days left on that license. The expiration date and a button to extend the license are also found here.


Who doesn’t love freebies? In this tab you’ll find free downloads including sport-specific resources and extensions. Just click the button to download!

SportsPress Extensions can be installed just like any other plugin. These will work together with SportsPress or SportsPress Pro, by adding extra features that are unique to your sport.


Access all of your purchase receipts here. The download links and license keys for each invoice are one click away. You can also generate a custom invoice with additional details by clicking Generate Invoice.


Easily change your name, email address, billing information, and password from this tab. After making the edits you need, click the Save Changes button at the bottom. Note that if you change your password, you will need to login again.

Don’t Have an Account Yet?

You’ll be able to create a new account with us when you purchase any of our products. Feel free to pick up one of our premium themes or the SportsPress Pro plugin to start building your club or league website today!

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