A Free WordPress Tool to Build an Amazing Sports Team Website

Is your sports website an accurate representation of your team? No matter how amazing your game is, your website could say otherwise. Maybe you’ve been feeling embarrassed by, well, your lack of one, or how it compares to others in your league.

Luckily, I’m here to tell you about SportsPress. A free WordPress solution that’s going to put you on the right track to having a badass website.

What is SportsPress?

SportsPress is a powerful league management plugin available on the WordPress.org repository. It has quickly become the most popular and reviewed sports plugin on the repository due to its ease of use, responsive design, rich features, and flexibility to accommodate any sport – and the best part is that it’s free!

If you’re looking for a long-term website solution for your team, SportsPress is your new best friend. The core SportsPress data structure allows you to calculate your team and player statistics, create an unlimited number of teams, players, league tables, and events to document your team’s history for years to come.

5 great reasons to start using SportsPress for your team’s website

1. SportsPress is completely free and open source

SportsPress is a free WordPress plugin to instantly give you league management functionality on your self-hosted team website – no costs associated with downloading, installing, or updating.

SportsPress is open source, just like WordPress, which gives you the power to modify the source code as you wish. The plugin is frequently updated and improved with new features – requested by the community.

Developers are welcome to contribute to the SportsPress project on GitHub to make this plugin even more powerful. Feel free to send us a pull request!

2. You will never have an outdated website ever again

Design trends are constantly changing, some say the average lifespan of a web design is 2-3 years – that’s not very long. There’s nothing more frustrating than spending more time and money to completely redesign your website, yet again.

SportsPress has been strategically developed to split functionality from design to prevent you from this burden down the road. The plugin serves as your core data hub to maintain and keep records of your team’s history – totally independent from your theme. This gives you the luxury of changing up your theme whenever you feel like it, without losing any of your precious data or spending more time and money to upgrade your site in the future.

3. SportsPress works for any sport

The plugin is flexible enough to accommodate any sport thanks to the SportsPress equation builder. Once you’ve downloaded the plugin, you’ll instantly have access to several different presets for many of the popular sports to get you started. You can also modify and even create your own equations to control how your statistics are calculated.

4. Can be used in your native language

Not an native English speaker? Don’t worry, SportsPress is used by thousands of sports teams around the world and we’ve made the plugin translatable into your language. You can check here to see if your language has been translated.

Want to translate the plugin into your language? We’d love for you to become a contributor and join the team!

5. SportsPress is extendable

Looking for more sports features? Unlike other sports themes with built-in features, SportsPress offers options to extend functionality.

Teams and athletes who want premium sports features to further customize their website and user experience can do so by purchasing SportsPress Pro, which will give you instant access to a whole suite of sports modules in your dashboard.

I hope you’ve found this information useful in getting you on the right track to creating an amazing website for your team! Go ahead and get started today by downloading SportsPress and enjoy all that this free WordPress plugin has to offer.


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