Finally, a Free WordPress Plugin for Cricket Clubs!

Last week, we released version 1.0 of SportsPress for Cricket, the official SportsPress extension that adds functionality specific to cricket clubs.

We’ve been working with the community by taking in feedback and suggestions to make improvements to SportsPress for Cricket. In doing so, many of the features have evolved over time and the data structure is different between the beta version and this official launch. If you’re using an earlier version, you may need to edit past events to make sure they follow the new format.

Some Features Added to Core

While developing SportsPress for Cricket, we found that some of the cricket features were also useful for other sports. So, we’ve simultaneously released an update to the core SportsPress plugin with these adjustments.

SportsPress 1.9.19 introduces the following features that make it more suitable for cricket and other sports:

  • An option has been added to Player Performance to separate Offense and Defense statistics.
  • A text format option has also been added to Player Performance, useful for non-numeric values.
  • The cricket preset has been updated with separate Offense and Defense statistics and a text field for notes like “Not Out”.

What’s in the Cricket Extension

Additionally, SportsPress for Cricket 1.0 adds functionality specifically for cricket clubs:

  • The SportsPress logo in the admin is replaced with a cricket ball icon.
  • Adjusted terminology in both admin and frontend:
    • Events → Matches
    • Substitute → Did Not Bat
    • Offense → Batting
    • Defense → Bowling
  • Removes the Substitutes dropdown and replaced it with a Did Not Bat option.
  • Swaps bowlers from home and away teams in the frontend scorecard.
  • Displayed players who did not bat in a separate section below batting statistics.
  • Filters out player who didn’t bat from the batting section of the scorecard.
  • Adds a row to record Extras in the batting statistics table.
  • Displayed results as Runs/Wickets with an option to reverse notation and change the delimiter.

New Cricket Demo

Want to see how it looks? Check out the live demo of SportsPress for Cricket installed on top of our new Emblem theme.

In this demo you’ll find these features in action:

Widgets with event results displayed as Runs/Wickets.

Automatically calculated NRR in standings.

Runs/Wickets displayed next to team logos in event results.

Detailed batting/bowling stats with extras, total runs, and players who did not bat.

Get SportsPress for Cricket

Be sure to update to SportsPress version 1.9.19 and activate SportsPress for Cricket version 1.0 to take full advantage of these new features.

If you’re thinking about starting up a Cricket Club website using WordPress, you’re going to love this update!

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