How to Create an Exciting Sports Website

Your team’s website is not just the place for getting more exposure on your team. It’s also the one place where your fans will come to get more information about their favorite team and keep up with all the latest games and events.

But, providing the latest match results and brief information on the next match is not enough. You need to ensure your website provides enough exciting content that will keep your readers coming back for more.

In this post, we’ll share several ways of sharing information your fans crave.

How to Create Engaging Content For Your Site

Your fans want more than dry results of a particular match. They want to know every detail, even if they’ve been to the game personally. They also want to know when a match is approaching as well as all the information about the players on your team. Here are a few different ways to create engaging content and make an exciting sports website people will actually want to visit.

Share Important Statistics

Knowing the outcome of a match is important but your readers and fans want detailed outcomes and breakdowns of each and every match. They want to know when exactly a score was made, when a player was penalized and which player made the most assists  or scored the deciding point.

Take it a step further and display individual player’s performance during an event in a timeline. Since most fans are crazy about statistics, they will appreciate the effort you put into giving them exactly what they want.

Display Information About Your Team

Another way to provide value is to display information about your team. Fans and recruiters alike are always on the hunt for information about team composition as well as the people responsible for the team’s management.

Consider sharing information about the team’s staff with their positions and contact information as this may prove useful for sponsorships. Displaying which player is positioned where along with their performance will keep your fans happy as they will be able to brag to their friends about all their team-related knowledge. Add more interest to your sports website by sharing a player gallery and allowing your fans to put a face to a name as well as relive some of the best moments from specific games or those memorable moments that happened on the road.

You can also create custom leaderboards based on player performance and display which players are in the lead.

Share Player Information

Aside from team information, you should also share information on individual players by displaying their full profile. It can include the basic information such as where they come from, their height and weight, and their birthday. But why stop there?

Add dynamic information that shows their detailed performance or expand on the profile by letting your team members enter more personal tidbits such as their likes and dislikes, past teams they played on, what their favorites are, as well as their general interests.

Build Excitement With a Countdown Widget

Generating excitement for an upcoming match is a great way to ensure your fans attend. You can easily keep them updated by displaying a custom countdown widget that shows when the next event is taking place. It’s even better if the widget is animated and shows the remaining time in real time.

Share Venue Information With A Map of The Location

In line with the countdown timer, you can build hype around upcoming events by displaying the location of the venue along with an interactive map that shows your fans how to get there. They will appreciate the fact that you’ve featured this need-to-know info so prominently.

Adding starting lineup information is another useful bit your fans and readers will love as this will allow them to make predictions and get excited to see whether their predictions come true or not.

Create Interactive Tournament Brackets

Use any upcoming tournament to create brackets for losers and champions and show how each team performed before qualifying into the main stage. With a detailed overview of each team’s performance, your fans will be able to understand exactly what went down during each stage of the tournament. They can see how your team is progressing through the bracket and watch teams get eliminated from the tournament or move on the next round and into the finals.

Allow Fans to Get a Season Overview

Keep in mind that some of your fans will not be able to attend every event your team participates in. Keep them in the loop by organizing your competitions by seasons and maintaining the archives of past matches. You can even upload recordings of past matches to YouTube and embed them on your site so those fans don’t feel like they’ve missed out on an important event.

How to Share All This Info On Your Website

If you’re wondering how to easily share this information on your soprts team website without hiring a developer to add each functionality for you, you’re in luck. Our SportsPress Pro plugin does all this and more.

Aside from the features mentioned above, SportsPress takes all the information you enter and displays it in automated fashion. This means your league tables and statistics are always up to date and allow your fans to have access to accurate information.

You can also build custom equations for your sport and your team and display advanced statistics like streak, games back, and home/away records.

You can also display a beautiful horizontal scoreboard like the most popular sports websites such as the NFL, EPL, NHL, and NBA. Additional layouts such as a block or a list layout are also available.

You can import your data in CSV format so you don’t have to start from scratch and all the events integrate with iCal, so fans can easily add important dates to their own calendars.

SportsPress will work with any theme and supports most team sports with a scoring system. Everything from table columns to player stats is customizable and you can choose between predefined sports or create your own. You can also use SportsPress in conjunction with BuddyPress to display extended player profiles and allow your fans to connect with them.

Finally, SportsPress can be used to manage multiple sports and can be translated into any language you want thanks to integration with WPML.

Get Started With the SportsPress Plugin

Creating an exciting sports website is easy when you have the right tools to do it. Use our SportsPress plugin to give your fans the content they truly want and don’t forget to download our checklist of content ideas your sports website should include to take it to the next level.

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