WooCommerce Extension for SportsPress

I’m excited to announce that today we are introducing WooCommerce for SportsPress, a third-party extension from our trusted plugin partner WordPay!

This extension adds a Products section to team profile pages, allowing each team to sell official merchandise and other items using WooCommerce. It’s perfect for sites with multiple clubs, where each club has their own unique products that they wish to sell to their players and fans.

How it works

To use this extension, you’ll need to have both SportsPress (or SportsPress Pro) and WooCommerce installed on your site. Once those are installed, you can start using the integration.

Associating products to teams

When editing products from the admin side, you’ll notice a new SportsPress section where you can choose the teams associated with that product. Select one or more teams if you want to display the product in team profiles.

After associating products with teams, go to SportsPress, then Team Settings, and enable the Products template from the Layout section. You can drag and drop to place it where you want, as either an inline section or in a tab.

Don’t forget to Save Changes.

Selling Team Merchandise

Now, visit one of your team profiles to check out their new online store! All products that are associated with that team will automatically be displayed here, with a link to the product details page where visitors can make a purchase.

The online store uses a gallery layout similar to player and team galleries, so it will fit right into your existing layout. Want something different? Upgrade to one of our Premium SportsPress Themes to add a fresh new design to your site!

Remember, team profiles will display products associated with that team, so each team may have a different product selection.

Enjoy WooCommerce for SportsPress!

30 day money-back guarantee

WordPay is a trusted plugin partner. Like us, WordPay fully stands behind their products and are offering a full refund within 30 days of the original purchase date if things aren’t working out and they can’t resolve your issue.

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