Why WordPress Is The Best CMS For A Sports Website

Football, Cricket, Basketball; these aren’t the names of religions but they are followed religiously. In an age where TV channels are a major source of news and updates regarding a sports match, the Internet does grab a major chunk of sports enthusiasts over its side with more than 966 million active websites.

Numerous sports websites are popular among the audience due to their timely updates, verified information and authentic reporting. One such example is ESPN, without which this argument wouldn’t make sense at all. ESPN is one of the most popular and biggest sports website but that’s no surprise, the astonishing fact is that it’s built using WordPress. However, it must not have come as a surprise to CMS users since WordPress is the leading CMS with over 27% market share.

Challenges For A Sports Website

Hitting it right with a niche like sports is quite difficult since your website has got to have the perfect elements to make a sports website super popular. I will be discussing why choosing a web hosting is crucial for your sports website and why you should pick WordPress for it. Let us ponder over some of the points to consider before you start building your sports website.

Traffic Spike

The very first cause of concern is the website’s traffic and since you’re dealing with sports niche, you can never guess when your site will be bombarded with traffic. Sports is an element of culture and many countries have important sporting events, games or matches that are celebrated with great enthusiasm across the globe.

FIFA World Cup, Cricket World Cup, Olympic games and various other events are watched by millions of people worldwide and a sports website should be able to handle the hike in traffic. If a website fails to manage high volume of traffic, it will be down and nobody likes to stop watching a match in the middle of the play.

High Volume Of Content

Another important factor to highlight here that sports websites go through content upgrade and upload more frequently than any other kind of website. So these websites are designed to handle large volumes of content if they don’t want to be missing out on audience.

Mostly, there are two scenarios; a website either cover all sports or just one popular sport. However, in both cases, the quantity of content is high. You will find these websites publish content by the minute and that explains the need to streamline the publication process.

Rapid Updates And Strict Uptime

Sports websites are case sensitive as they receive constant content upgrade that needs to be timely done or else the content loses its importance. The real struggle is to optimize the content delivery process and a minor glitch in the content upgrading process may cause downtime to your sports site.

Just like sports, its websites are also visited often or daily by game enthusiasts and the website should be online at every second of the hour or else, it will lose the potential reach and audience.

WordPress Powered by Reliability

Some of the popular names in the sports world including Usain Bolt, Tony Hawk, Serena Williams, Andy Murray, and Maria Sharapova trusted WordPress for their websites; it’s not like these world class athletes did not have any other option. In fact, it is the CMS’ market share that attracted their attention; about 76.4% to be precise.

WordPress’ market share is the reason enough why popular figures from sports community prefer it over other CMS. Namecheap has published an excellent article comparing WordPress to other CMS competitors like Drupal, Joomla!, Squarespace, and Wix to highlight the differences and what each is best suited for.

In addition to celebrities, government organizations choose WordPress for their website. On the whole, it is ideal to create a WordPress powered sports website.

Easy Publication And Highly Customizable

Sports websites needs fast and easy ways of content publication and this is where WordPress hits the right spot. One can publish WordPress posts with just a click and the process is similar when it comes to updating a published post. Additionally, adding banners and featured images to a blog is only a matter of a click; and, when you’re done, just hit the publish button to get the post in air without any delays.

Additionally, WordPress is a highly customizable CMS with over 50,000 plugins available for free. Moreover, 11.45% of WordPress websites use SSL Encryption, so that users can opt for a safe browsing session. The CMS is available in over 68 languages and is older than the popular Facebook and Twitter.

Sports Website Powered By A Powerful Web Host

Last but not the least, the most essential element of an up and running website is a robust web hosting. The web host should provide one click WordPress install and should have a user-friendly platform to operate.

A successful sports website is based on three factors; fast page load time, guaranteed up time and ironclad security. However, these factors are a bit difficult to achieve unless your website is hosted with a WordPress managed cloud hosting platforms like Cloudways.

If you are looking to build a sports website, you can give Cloudways a shot. They’re known for their user-friendly interface, affordable pricing plans, market-leading cloud infrastructure providers and 24x7x365 support.

They’ve given our readers a $20 hosting credit that you can redeem at Cloudways by entering the promo code “THEMEBOY”.

That’s all from my end, I hope this has been helpful in building an awesome website for your sports team on WordPress!


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