SportsPress Version 1.1 Released

It has been an intensive month of adding new features to SportsPress. We’re excited to announce the release of SportsPress 1.1! There are quite a few big changes in this release, including some highly requested features we’ve got over the past couple of months. You’ll discover that most of the changes made in this release are to the event pages.

You can now select which columns to display per event – useful for keeping track of specific performance values for your records without displaying them. We’ve added a new drag and drop interface where you can reorder your players in an event. This is quite handy for those of you who want to organize your player performance tables. You can also change player numbers and positions per event.

Teams can now be linked directly to their own website rather than having to create a page for them on your site. All permalinks to teams will be redirected to their website URL, if they have one. Just note that this will only apply if the team profile is left blank. You can also link team profiles to player lists by editing the team and selecting a player list(s) to display on that team’s page.

You’ll notice that we’ve added new presets for American football, Australian Footy, Baseball, Cricket, Darts, Handball, Netball, Rugby League, Squash, and Tennis – the plugin now support individual sports! In this version, we’ve created a setting where you can choose between “Team” or “Individual” mode. If you find something missing from your sports preset, please let us know through the plugin support page. If you’d like to contribute a new preset to the SportsPress project, go ahead and send us a pull request on GitHub!

Another popular request we’ve been getting is enabling different types of user permissions. With this release, users with the Player, Staff, or Event Manager roles can now view all events, teams, players and staff via the dashboard but these uses will only be able to edit what has been assigned to them by a manger or admin. If this sounds confusing, just remember that the League Manager has the most control over the data. I’ll be sure to write a follow-up regarding the hierarchy of user permissions.

If you’re reading this, you probably have SportsPress installed on your WordPress website. Go ahead and update it from your admin panel! If you haven’t download SportsPress yet, head on over to to download it and start building your sports website today.

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