How to Get Your Players Involved with Your Website

By now you probably know that your website is the one place where your fans come to find out more about your team and to satisfy their need for sports content during the off-season. Since your fans are primarily interested in learning more about their team, it only makes sense to get your players involved with your website as well. Not only will this help them get immediate information on their stats but it will encourage building better team spirit as well as adding a personal touch to your team’s brand.

If you’re using WordPress for your site, you know that creating a website and updating it is incredibly easy. Thanks to this ease of use, your players can start interacting with your website even if they don’t have any technical knowledge. And once you add the SportsPress plugin into the mix, uploading information becomes even easier.

In this post, we’ll show you several ways to get your players involved with your website and add even more reasons for your fans to keep coming back.

Seven Ways to Get Your Players Involved With Your Website

SportsPress plugin is a great choice to turn your website into a hub of information about your team and your players. From seasons and league overviews to team information, the plugin allows you to include as little or as much detail as possible. Aside from keeping your fans happy with fresh content, here are six ways that you can use SportsPress to make your site even more welcoming for your fans.

1. Player Profiles

Player profiles are a great way to share background information about each individual player on your team. You can include where they come from, their height and weight as well as their statistics which show how many points they scored in a particular match or during the season. You can also assign positions to your players to create leaderboards and custom rankings. By doing so, your players can get an instant overview of their performance and gain valuable insight on where they can improve for upcoming matches.

While all that information is nice, you can take it a step further by adding the BuddyPress for SportsPress extension and letting your players register as members of your site. This will allow them to share more personal information with your fans as well as interact with each other and build team spirit.

2. Statistics

Posting statistics after every match may seem redundant given that your team was there and knows what happened. However, having an overview of their win, loss, and draw ratio can help them understand how they contribute to their team and what areas they need to focus on. This can help motivate them to train harder and to prepare more for upcoming matches.

From individual player’s stats to winning streak overviews and leaderboards, there is no shortage of ways to incorporate stats into your website and give your players a little extra motivation.

3. Team Access

If you manage multiple teams, you can give members access to their specific team’s info so they can update the team information. Each user with a Team Manager role can be assigned to one or multiple teams. From there, they can add new players and edit information about existing players, add and edit matches, as well as add new clubs and new staff members.

When they log into the dashboard, users will only see the teams that have been assigned to them and they can only manage the players from those teams. Allowing your team managers, or even your players to act as team manager if you’re only managing one team, is a nice way of making sure they know what is going on with the team and keep the information up to date for your fans.

4. Timelines

Sharing a timeline of a particular match is not only interesting information for your fans, it’s useful for your players as well and it’s definitely one of the ways to encourage players to visit your website.

Having an overview of exact times and details of scores, assists, or even penalty points is a great visual to accompany post-game analysis. This helps your players and coaches remember what happened as they plan a strategy for the upcoming match and it can help them predict how a future match against the same team might play out.

5. Staff Directories

Similarly to player profiles, knowing who is in charge of what team is helpful when you are trying to arrange a match. Entering everyone on your staff ensures the other team managers or league managers know the right person to contact for anything related to your team.

Each staff member can display their photo as well as enter their phone number and an email address. This information is then displayed on their profile page as well as in staff directory. Not only will your players know who they need to get in touch with if they need to take some time off, but your fans will also be able to get in touch with staff members in charge of your PR department.

6. Match Stats

Stats are important when it comes to sports, and being able to track individual player performance and have an overview of a timeline for each match is just one way to keep your players informed and motivated. Match stats are another way to encourage team members as they can see a head to head comparison of their performance vs another team’s performance in the same league.

You can further encourage your team members to get involved with your website by enabling comments and invite them to leave their thoughts. And once your fans see the interaction, they will become involved in the discussion as well.

7. User Scores

User Scores is a new module in SportsPress that allows you to display a score submission form to logged-in users on your event pages. When your players register for your site, they will see a different form, depending on their role.

League Managers and Event Managers can submit scores for any player, while Team Managers can submit scores for their own team. Players can also submit scores for themselves. This gives them another opportunity to get involved with your site and also to keep track with their own progress.

Let Your Players Get Involved With Your Site

Your players are the most important part of your team and as such, they should be up to date with everything that happens, be it a new transfer coming in, a new staff member joining your ranks, analyzing player performance, or having a clear overview of the season.

The easiest way for them to have access to that information in one place, is to let and encourage them to interact with your website by visiting it on a regular basis, participating in a discussion with other team members and your fans, and simply by updating their profile information and building friendships with other teammates.

Take advantage of everything SportsPress has to offer and invite your players to visit your website and interact with other players, staff members, and your fans. And don’t forget to download our checklist of seven ways to get your players involved with your website. Good luck!

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