3 Easy Ways to Get Involved with SportsPress

Hey there! I’m Ayla, one of the co-founders here at ThemeBoy, the team behind the SportsPress plugin. I know many of you have been using SportsPress for quite a while now, but there are also lots of you who have just started using the plugin.

Whether you’re an old-timer or newbie, I thought I’d quickly say hello and tell you about ways you can get involved with the SportsPress project!

Join the SportsPress Team on Slack for Weekly Meetings

To get involved with SportsPress, there’s really no better place to start than our Slack team!

Every Wednesday at 11:00AM (AEST) our team gets online to discuss SportsPress related news, popular feature requests, updates, and to answer any questions you might have about the project (for product support, you’ll need to go to ThemeBoy Support).

If you’ve been thinking about creating a SportsPress theme or consider yourself a SportsPress power user and would like to get involved, you can join us on Slack!

Anyone with a @chat.wordpress.org account can join the SportsPress team. If you don’t have one yet, follow the official WordPress + Slack instructions to register for free.

Submit Your Ideas on the SportsPress Ideaboard

If you’ve been secretly wanting us to develop a new SportsPress feature, the Ideaboard is the place to go.

The SportsPress Ideaboard is where you can go to vote on ideas that you would like to see in the plugin, or, if it’s a new idea, you can share the feature you would like us to build.

The ideas with the most votes are the ones that get the highest priority, so I highly encourage you to have a browse through what’s already been submitted before submitting your own.

Follow ThemeBoy on Social Media

Let’s be friends!

Connect with us on your favorite social networks, we’re on Facebook, Twitter, and recently on Instagram where we’ve been sharing a bit of the behind the scenes action of ThemeBoy HQ in our stories.

We also upload SportsPress tutorials on YouTube, so be sure to subscribe!

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