10 Awesome Fundraising Ideas for Sports Teams

No matter which sport your team plays, it’s no secret that the costs of managing a team can be substantial. Unfortunately, registration and club member fees are no longer enough to cover all the expenses a sports team might have.

While they can contribute to paying some of the costs such as new jerseys or new equipment, you will need a lot more funds if you want to participate in a league, various tournaments or be able to afford travel expenses to play against a team in another county or state.

One of the best ways to ensure you’ll have sufficient funds is to organize a fundraiser. In this post, we’ll share a few fundraising ideas that will help your team cover various expenses.

1. Organize a Walkathon

Walkathons are a great way to promote health and the importance of physical activity while coming together to support your team. You will need to carefully choose the location and the date of the walkathon. Keep in mind the season and plan the walkathon for the time of the year when the temperatures are neither too low nor too high, with minimal chances of rain. Having a backup location is a good idea too so you can hold the event even if the weather decides to be unpredictable.

You can charge for the admission tickets for the event but you can also sell your team’s shirts or other swag to raise the money you need.

2. Have a Field Day

Another way to promote staying fit and have some fun at the same time is to organize a field day in your community. Just like with walkathon, be mindful of the season and promote the date well in advance.

Plan for a variety of games such as potato sack races, water balloon tosses, tug of war, and more and charge participant’s fee for each game. You can also have a stand and sell team’s merchandise to increase the chances of raising the needed funds.

3. Hold a Tournament

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No matter which sport your team plays, a tournament is always fun. Give your fans and community members a chance to play against each other in teams. You can also split your team members into two teams and enlist fans to join them. They’ll be happy to get a chance to play on the same side as their favorite players as well as relish at the possibility of playing against them.

Aside from the admission fee, you can also sell team’s merchandise or even bottled water or snacks during the tournament to raise the funds.

4. Car Wash

Organize a car wash in your community where your team members offer to wash the cars for their neighbors and community members. All you really need are sponges, soap, buckets, and rags or towels. Pick a day when the forecast is good and use flyers and social media to promote your event. This will not only help you raise funds for your team, but it will also allow you to establish a more meaningful relationship with your fans and members of your community.

5. Community Clean Up

Another way to do some good in your community while raising the funds for your team’s travel expenses or tournament participation is to organize a cleanup day. For this idea, have members of your community pledge small amounts per piece of trash picked up or trash can replaced/repaired.

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During the cleanup, you can also ask if they would be willing to add in a general donation to help support your team.

6. Rent-An-Athlete

Similarly to community clean up, consider allowing community members to hire your team members to help them with tasks like car washing, lawn mowing, garage cleanup, and more. They can donate per hour your team member spent helping them or you can agree on a fixed amount per task.

Your community members and neighbors will be happy that someone else is taking of their least favorite chores and your teammates will bring in the extra funds needed for your team’s expenses.

7. Christmas Tree Delivery

Christmas is one of the most loved times of the year. Spreading holiday cheer and spending time with loved ones makes everybody happy, but not everyone has the time to go shopping for a Christmas tree.

Make their lives easier and take one chore of their busy schedule by arranging a Christmas Tree delivery service. For this idea, partner with a local supplier and make sure someone on your team has a truck capable of delivering those trees. Advertise your delivery services on social media, with flyers, and word of mouth.

8. Charity Auction

Another great way to raise money for your team is to organize a charity auction. Aside from creating relationships with your fans and donors, you have an excellent opportunity to interact with local businesses who might turn into sponsors in the future.

Ask the businesses to donate items they are no longer using for their own purposes and be sure to promote the auction using social media as well as word of mouth or by placing an ad in the local newspaper. This allows businesses to get rid of things and items they no longer want or need while your fans can walk away with an item that will be useful and unique.

9. Raffle off Seats

The next time you’re playing a game against another team, consider raffling off the best seats in the venue. Whatever seat is the closest to the floor should be up for grabs with the only cost for you being that of the raffle tickets.

Make sure you advertise the raffle on your social media accounts and consider putting up a notice on your website so that everyone who visits your site has a chance to participate.

10. Kick a Negative Habit

Health is very important so try pairing a fundraising event with promoting maintaining healthy habits. Encourage your fans to donate the money they would normally spend on coffee, soda, or cigarettes.

You can set the duration of the challenge and share motivational messages on your social media accounts or invite your fans to replace the unhealthy habits with being more physically active.

Use the Ideas Above to Organize a Fundraising Event

Fundraising is a great way to make sure your team’s expenses are taken care of and that your team has everything they need to successfully compete against other teams and participate in league tournaments.

The ideas above are just the tip of the iceberg and there are plenty of other ways to organize the fundraiser. Use the ways discussed in this articles to get your first fundraising event underway and don’t forget to download a bonus checklist of 5 more fundraising ideas for sports teams.

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